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Mission + Vision

This church is comprised of a group of people who are drawn together for work and worship by a common faith in Jesus Christ and by a mutual respect for His word. We believe the church is God's creation (Mathew 16:18), and we are simply trying to be "The house of the living God, the pillar and ground of truth"(1 Timothy 3:15). Our hope is the eternal home in Heaven(John 14:1-3). Our plea is: Speak where the Bible speaks, be silent where the Bible is silent. Our invitation is "Come, let us reason together"(Isaiah 1:18). All people of good will are welcomeat every assembly.

WHAT WE believe

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We at BayNorth have been called to a great work, for we have been given a great vision. We know that, "The God of heaven, He will prosper us: therefore, we His servants will arise and build. Nehemiah 2:20


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Minister Sam Morris